High-quality software and solutions

Professionals with extensive experience

DataSerrana is a company that designs high-quality software and technological solutions to optimize and enhance business processes. It is born from the union of professionals with extensive experience and technical and human capacity, who add their vast resources to achieve efficient information systems, adding value in each implementation.

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Consulting and analysis

We survey processes and business rules to optimize effective and functional solutions.

Development, delivery, and return

We offer agile and practical data solutions on state-of-the-art platforms, with permanent support and updating.

Clean and functional solutions

Intuitive and adaptable interfaces, to facilitate its use and respond to users' needs.

Power and robustness

As a cornerstone, we value the importance of good information management and its security.


We develop agile and practical data solutions on state-of-the-art platforms, understanding the context of current needs and organizations, and the importance of good information management.

IT specialists

Consulting company specialized in information technologies

Custom solutions

Data systems oriented to every need: offline, web, mobile, and SaS

Big data

Data processing and analysis for business optimization


Industrial automation, robotics, and the Internet of Things

Always ready

We have the infrastructure, products, and tools to respond to your need immediately.

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Some of the industries for which we optimize business processes and improve their efficiency with data solutions


Logistics and Transportation


Legal and insurance

Real estate

Health & Wellness

Marketing & e-commerce

Management and accounting

Commerce and retail


Some of our products, ready-to-deploy, and use in your company. Contact us!


Software system to distributors

Manage orders, stock control, and checking accounts, among many other functionalities

Web system for educational centers

Ideal for schools, colleges, and training centers. Control courses, payment of fees, sales, debts, and much more.

Software to control periodic tasks

Designed for accountants, but applicable to any item. Manage tasks with due dates, current accounts, documentation, collections, and many more features.


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Buenos Aires, Argentina




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